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The Musical Box

9th February 2018 - Friday 21:00

The Musical Box, the most original Genesis tribute band of all time are bringing their signature Genesis experience to Saban Theater!

Genesis is an English rock band formed in Godalming (Surrey, England) in 1967 by singer Peter Gabriel, keyboardist Tony Banks, guitarist Anthony Phillips, bassist and guitarist Mike Rutherford, and drummer Chris Stewart. They went through many line up changes and their most commercially successful and consistent line up includes Tony, Mike and drummer/singer Phil Collins. Undergoing many genre transitions over the years (from folk to progressive rock to pop), the band redefined the concept of a rock concert and its musical prowess has had such a profound impact on its audience that to this day, it still enjoys a huge cult following. The Musical Box was formed in 1993 and is French Canadian tribute band that aims to re-create Genesis' performances between 1973 and 1975. It’s named after the 1971 eponymous single by Genesis and its line up consists of Denis Gagné (as Peter Gabriel), François Gagnon (as Steve Hackett), Sébastien Lamothe (as Mike Rutherford), Guillaume Rivard (as Tony Banks), and Marc Laflamme (as Phil Collins). Their work is so authentic that Phil Collins has remarked, “They're not a tribute band, they have taken a period and are faithfully reproducing it in the same way that someone would do a theatrical production."

Don’t miss your chance to see these artists bring you a truly authentic Genesis experience! Click the button below to see The Musical Box on Friday, February 9th!

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